Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the elected officers, standing committee chairmen and the immediate past president.

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President: Patricia Parker
First Vice President: Colleen Costa
Second Vice President: Janet Voyer
Recording Secretary: Paula Butterfield
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Berthold
Treasurer: Rose Cain
Assistant Treasurer: Marie Young
Auditor: Kate Angley
Nominating Committee Chairman: Liz Hester
Immediate Past President: Linda O’Neill

Standing Committee Advisors and Chairpersons

Awards and Grants:
Community Projects
Brewster Gardens
Library Gardens
Patty O’Brien
Coletta Candini
Floral Workshop Coordinator: Susan Denehy
Garden Therapy Meghan Rinker, Linda Berthold
Historian: Judy MacDonald
Horticulture: Joy Sand
Hospitality: Marie Dunlap, Karen Baker
Junior Gardeners: Geri Williams
Meeting Coordinator: Susan Denehy
Meeting Exhibits: Linda O’Neill
Newsletter: Geri Williams, Jeanne Burnell
Parliamentarian: June Aronson
Publicity: Susan Denehy
Scholarship: Geri Williams
Ways & Means: Cynthia Sykes, Debbie Clark-Lalley
Website Maintenance: Catherine Walton, Janet Voyer, Cynthia Sykes, Colleen Costa

Special Appointees

Mentorship: Members as Assigned
Photography: Catherine Walton
Remembrance: Linda Berthold
Telephone: Joy Sand
Yearbook Production and Printing: Nicole Kierstead
Powder Horn Press, Printing